The story of SPHAERA starts with a passion for Peru. SPHAERA is a firm, but essentially a concept, because each of its products encompasses Peruvian culture and identity.

The ancient pre-Hispanic artistic designs are our source of inspiration, driven by a strong desire for every SPHAERA product to convey the essence of the Peruvian spirit. This is why we have developed collections inspired on the iconography that was present in textiles, in ceramics, and in metalwork for 10.000 thousand years throughout the entire Andean territory.

Perpetuating the Peruvian handcrafting tradition, our products are innovative and useful in the modern world. This concept is reflected in the work of artisan masters who transform the local raw materials in works of the highest design and finishing. These are made into elegant accessories of royal baby alpaca, baby alpaca, Peruvian pima cotton, and vicuña.


SPHAERA designs its products based on Peruvian art, seeking to have users feel in each of them the strength of tradition, the modern in innovation and the opportunity to support the sustainability of inclusive businesses of master artisans.


To be a firm that promotes the identity of Peru through the art and skills of its craftspeople. Innovative design, the quality of its handmade products, the training of artisans and the promotion of inclusive and sustainable businesses are the essence of its business philosophy.